First Steps to Biologically Normal Sleep for Babies and Toddlers

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Fundamental first steps to encourage healthy sleep for your baby. What every parent needs to know before they ever consider sleep training.

Course Description

Fundamental first steps to encourage biologically normal sleep for your baby. What every parent needs to know before they ever consider sleep training.
This course has been created for newborns to 3 years but is also relevant for older children up to 7 years. Co-sleeping and bed-sharing approved.


I specialise in teaching foundations first. It is what I use for all of my one on one consults that have successfully helped thousands of families improve sleep. This simple to use program includes easy to follow instructional videos and supporting pdf downloads. I know you’re tired, however you can literally get started right away and begin to see improvements in just a few days.

Is your baby:

  • Catnapping in the day
  • Resisting settling for naps and at bedtime
  • Staying awake for long periods at night
  • Unable to link sleep cycles
  • Waking every 2 hours (or less) overnight
  • Experiencing a regression in their sleep
  • Waking early in the morning

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This holistic course based on biologically normal sleep contains extensive information on how to provide the perfect sleep environment (the sleep environment is one of the biggest factors I see in baby sleep problems), how to nurture the bond between you and your baby (babies need to feel connected, safe and secure in order to sleep), learn why routine is more important than ever before due to our modern day life, and of course I’ll teach you how to put it all together for a nice daily flow.

Learn how to:

      1. Set up your baby or child’s room like a pro
      2. Put your baby to sleep at the right time
      3. Set your baby up for the best sleep possible
      4. Nurture the bond between you and your baby
      5. Playtime that is more than just a way to entertain
      6. The importance of creating daily rhythm and rituals
      7. How to put it all together to achieve healthy sleep


  • Video instructions
  • Printable check lists
  • Bonding activities
  • Temperature chats
  • Baby care journals
  • Routine builder
  • Extra reading and info

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Course Reviews

Lauren Sellers
Lauren Sellers
11 months ago
I wish I had found this sooner! The 4 month sleep regression was the start of a really tough time for hubby and I. The lack of sleep for the whole family was wearing us down and causing a lot of pain. At first we thought it was just a phase and we would be able to sort it out ourselves. I had heard many negative things about ‘sleep training’ and knew we didn’t want to go down that road.rnrnBut then I came across Jessie’s Awaken Wellness Facebook page and loved her practice of holistic sleep advice and putting practical steps in place to achieve healthy sleep without the sleep training. With in 2 days of starting we seen night wake ups drop from 10 down to 2 (which I am happy to still do 2 breastfeeds as bubs is only 8 months). Day sleep are consistent and predictable. rnrnWe loved how quick and easy this online program was to complete and implement the advice. I highly recommend this course to friends even before they have sleep troubles, there is so much useful advice in here.
Emma Whittaker
Emma Whittaker
2 years ago
Amazing! I was at a loss and thought I'd give this a go after one of my 3am 'help me, I'm going to die from sleep deprivation' googling sessions. IT WORKS! It's not an instant quick fix but it was worth it :) it took 3 days of my little one being very tired and then suddenly nap times got better and then over night sleep improved also. No more 2am 2/3 hour night parties! It all clicked into place. Best decision ever
Sam Fauser
Sam Fauser
2 years ago
THE BEST Gentle Parenting sleep information I\'ve come across! I'm so happy with the information and advice I have learnt in this program. Some of it was so simple and easy to implement (I can't believe I didn't know this before) and with amazing results it makes this very good value for money. I would encourage anyone who is having trouble with their baby's sleep to consider this program!
3 years ago
I believe all parents need this information.. Jessie’s holistic approach offers a wealth of knowledge for all parents to improve their lifestyle, environment and habits to create a healthy start for their babies and promote natural sleep for the whole family. It sets a great foundation for healthy sleep patterns without the need to ‘train’ our babies. This course isn’t about sleep training or teaching our babies how to sleep without us. This is about creating a sleep inducing environment naturally- so it is perfect for mums and dads of any parenting beliefs.. I loved how Jessie was able to keep this course simple and easy to understand. She provides great printouts and references for you to further increase your knowledge and awareness on what effects sleep and behaviour. She was able to cover a broad range of information/topics in a quick easy-to-use online course. Perfect for busy and tired parents! I believe all parents need the information that Jessie has shared in here in ‘First Steps to Babies Sleep’ to create a healthy, natural and nurturing environment for the whole family. It changes the way we think about how we are living to create lifelong habits that will benefit our children’s sleep and general health from now on.  I strongly recommend you open yourselves to this valuable information. Thank you Jessie! -Kelly