Initial Consultation

About This Consultation

This Initial consult is for new clients. It offers one on one advice and support from an expert sleep consultant. After providing details about yourself or your child’s sleep, you will be given instant recommendations of what to do to achieve healthy sleep. You will also be given a written sleep plan or steps to implement.

After the initial consult you will be advised if and when you need a follow up consultation.

Prior to your consultation you will be given a comprehensive questionnaire to complete and a 3/4 day sleep journal. These will both be assessed before your initial consult.

Gentle parents // wanting to know what you can do to nurture healthy sleep for your baby/child whilst maintaining a demand feeding, co-sleeping/bed sharing environment? Just have questions about developmentally age appropriate sleep totals or when you should be concerned about sleep? Or maybe you just want reassurance that what your doing is good and a listening ear to understand. This is for you.


Bookings made via our Facebook Page (click book now button) or via phone or email.

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Initial Consultation

Office/Phone/skype consult includes

90 minute consultation to chat about you or your child’s sleep

Full assessment of you or your child’s background and sleep journal

Instant advice, recommendations and support

Includes written sleep plan and steps to implement

Suitable for all parenting styles

All ages

Follow Up Consult

Suitable for all ages

Office, Phone or Skype

20 minute consult

Updated Sleep Plan

Follow Up Consultation

About This Service

For current or previous clients only. Book as you need or when recommended by Jessie. Follow up consultations are used for answering any questions or concerns you may have, further recommendations and advice will be provided and your sleep plan updated.

There is no limit to how often you can book this service. For some clients you may like to have 1-3 a week or for others it will be one every few weeks/months.


Bookings made via our Facebook Page (click book now button) or via phone or email.

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In-home Consultation

About This Consultation

Currently unavailable

In-home Consultation
$70 per hour

Suitable for newborns and children

Available after an initial consultation

$70 per hour – minimum 3 hour booking

Assessment of your child’s sleep environment and practical hands on support.

Professional support to help implement sleep recommendations

Servicing Gladstone/Tannum/Boyne. (other areas incur travel costs)