recognised IMPI Baby Sleep Consultant

Jessie Stott

Jessie Stott is an internationally recognised IMPI Baby Sleep Consultant and a Dr Karp’s ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’ educator. She specialises in biologically normal and holistic sleep consulting for all ages, and more recently developed a passion to support people on their wellness journey.

After the birth of her first baby, Jessie realised that she desperately needed to find a solution to the lack of sleep both her and her baby were getting. This kind of education was not a part of her pre-birth training.

Looking for solutions, she went on a mission to learn all that she could about good sleeping practices. This lead her into qualified training and to become a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and Attachment Parenting International.

Recently, Jessie developed the hugely successful Baby Sleep Guide app, which won Silver in the 2016 AusMumpreneur Awards, Digital Innovation category.

Qualified Child Sleep Consultant

Jessie Stott

Jessie now has two children of her own. She believes every child is unique and has adopted a holistic approach to child sleep consultancy. She supports all parenting styles, including attachment parenting, and aims to protect the breastfeeding relationship.

She offers many core techniques to assist your child, including low/no-cry approaches, gentle methods, methods with “expected tears”, as well as foundations only techniques. These core processes can be modified to suit your family’s needs and goals.

When choosing a method, Jessie takes into account your family schedule, child’s development, temperament, feeding method and parenting philosophy, all while supporting parent-child bonding and keeping an eye on sleep deprivation and emotional wellbeing.

Jessie works with families based on the belief that helping parents to nurture a strong and clear connection to their parenting intuition will support parenting confidence long after we have completed our work together.

Jessie is passionate about babies and how sleep effects the child and the mother’s wellbeing. She is motivated and caring and assists parents to listen to their own intuition. Chat to Jessie today.