People often ask “so what do you do for work”?

My reply… “I help people sleep”. You would assume I’d reply with my job title of a ‘sleep consultant’ but using a title would imply that I work. The truth is I don’t work. Hold up… you are running a business?! Yes it may look a lot like work, I book consultations, send emails, write sleep plans and spend hours on the phone with sleep deprived parents but it is never work.

I am so head over heels in love with helping families get more sleep that I never have to work a day in my life. And did I mention I have a home office! So I can literally phone clients in my pj’s if I choose to. Not that that happens very often. (well..maybe more than I’d like to admit). On the opposite end of the scale I also believe in dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. So considering I don’t ‘work’, you will often find me dressing in consultant attire something like Capri pants and a nice flowing blouse. Because I aspire to be a successful sleep consultant!

So what does a day in the life of sleep consultant look like? well for me personally its not exactly black and white. I still have 2 toddlers to care for so I have to schedule my day around their needs. Luckily I have the support of grandparents and aunties and uncles.

A day in the life of.. well, my life, as a mother and someone who helps people sleep:


7:00am – Alarm goes off. Wake up kids. Change nappies

7:30am – cook breakfast. hidden veggie porridge in the thermomix 9 mins

7:35am – water veggie garden and turn coffee machine on

8:00am – sit kids up for breakfast

8:02am – make bullet proof coffee (heaven)!!!

8:05am – check emails, social media, respond to clients

8:20am – get kids dressed for the day. get myself dressed for the day

8:45am – prepare kids snacks and lunch for the day

9:00am – Grandma arrives to look after kids

9:10am – COFFEE. Prepare for in-home consult

9:30am – arrive at clients house for 3 hour in home consult.

12:40pm – arrive home. hand over from Grandma

1:00pm – start putting together personalised sleep plan

2:00pm – toddler awake. snack time. Outside play. check the letter box, hang out washing

3:00pm – make video for Daddy who is working away on the ship for 7 weeks

4:00pm – start preparing dinner with 2 nagging children at my feet

5:00pm – dinner. clean up kitchen, vacuum floor. put toys away

6:00pm – bath kids. final clean up of toys, bins out, try and keep kids from jumping on couch

6:45pm – kids are getting ratty.. early to bed it is!!

7:15pm – scheduled follow up support calls with clients. Respond to emails

7:45pm – Complete personalised sleep plan for client. (sneaky chocolate anyone?)

9:00pm – Email completed plan to client

9:15pm – shower and bed!!! I’m done!!!

And thats a smooth day! Throw a growth spurt or illness into the mix and things can get a little hairy. Some days I feel like I never leave the kitchen. Perhaps I should set my computer up on the breakfast bar?! The only way to keep things running smoothly is to follow a strict routine. (So basically I practise what I preach). The hardest part is attending to the non-scheduled phone calls and emails that often spark a sudden toddler melt down because I stopped participating in the game of hide and seek.

I know what your dying to ask (everyone asks me this).. Do your own kids sleep through the night?

**Yes they do. it would be a little disheartening if they didn’t, considering what I know about sleep and all. What’s the catch?… My kids are amazing sleepers but it doesn’t mean every single night they demonstrate their best sleep skills. My 3 year old son can suffer from night terrors from time to time. Thankfully we have learnt his triggers  and nipped it in the butt. My 2 year old will wake for water sometimes and on the very odd occasion will have a complete screaming fit in the middle of night. And of course I don’t need to explain to you what its like when illness strikes.

My biggest secret?….

Sometimes when hubby is away and I’m feeling lonely, I sneakily get the kids and put them in MY bed for the night! (shock horror!! a sleep consultant that co-sleeps) Guilty as charged. But I love it. There is nothing more wonderful than the look on their faces when they wake up in the morning and realise that they got to sleep in mummy’s bed. Followed by morning cuddles that usually turn into a pillow fight!

“It’s easy to sleep when you know how” 🙂