It would seem that in the hustle and bustle of our modern lives we have forgotten the lost art of sleep or at the very least it ranks low on our daily list of priorities. Everything we do in our western culture seems to take priority over sleep.

Hands up who will stay up late to watch just one more episode of their favorite TV show? Guilty? Me too! But isn’t it crazy that we can survive longer without food than we can sleep! And yet we happily put a TV show before something that affects our entire existence? Something that when lacking even just the slightest can show up in our lives as mental health issues, poor concentration, hallucinations and even participation in high-risk behaviors like drowsy driving!! (Guilty as charged! No, seriously I crashed my car one morning due to a rough night with my newborn and it was entirely my fault!)

So maybe you are wondering why you haven’t heard about infant sleep yet considering this is a child sleep blog… Well, it turns out that our own perception and feelings around sleep influence our entire families perception. If we do not regard our own sleep as important how can a toddler learn differently? It is time we fell back in love with sleep. Place it on a pedestal, create a bedroom sanctuary and above all else put it at the top of your list every day.

Top 10 tips for a good nights sleep:

• A candle lit bath or shower (turn off main lights)
• Turn the TV off 3 hours prior to bedtime
• Remove all electronics from your bedroom (especially the ones nearest to your head) or at least turn them off at the power point.
• Turn off your home Wi-Fi at bed time
• Room temperature should be approx. 18-22 degrees Celsius
• Leave your mobile phone, tablet and laptop in the kitchen while you sleep
• Go to bed between 9:30-11pm each night
• Wake up between 6-7am each morning
• Keep a journal; write down 3 things on your mind each night before bed. This can be as simple as bullet points or a full blog.
• Eat a light dinner before 7pm