Our bodies THRIVE on consistency.

Our biological rhythms control our hormones, neurotransmitters, and organ functions…

The more consistency we have with our routines, the better suited our systems will be to keep us fit and healthy.

To demonstrate this, researchers at the University of Munich analysed the sleep habits of more than 65,000 people…

They focused on how consistent their evening routines were and if there was much variance in what time they went to sleep…

They were blown away to discover that people with a different weekday and weekend sleep schedule had TRIPLE THE ODDS OF SLEEP PROBLEMS.

There are several factors that play into this…

But the bottomline is that a consistent bedtime routine enhances sleep for both adults and children.

At Baby Sleep Guide Consulting we understand that sleep isn’t as easy as just closing our eyes and a big determinant on how our days go

depends on the quality of sleep we get the night before. That’s why we’ve come up with so many of the tools and strategies put into our

Sleep Guidance Packages that enable you to radically improve the QUALITY (not just the quantity) of sleep for you and family.

And I’m sure you guessed it.. Bedtime routines and daily schedules are a big part of what we do. For instance, did you know that even as

adults we should have set bedtimes and wake up times, and should only deviate from this time by a maximum of 1 hour.

Another interesting fact about routines is that it is just as important to include meal times, as digestion can negatively impact our ability to sleep too.

We hope you have enjoyed some of these interesting facts about sleep!

Jessie Stott xx

Sleep Consultant & Founder of Baby Sleep Guide App & Consulting